Sunday, July 3, 2011

WAPDA's robbery in June

My electricity bill for June is not less than a high voltage thunderbolt. Its is astonishing Rs 11,000 despite all my energy saving attempts. It’s higher than all previous months’ bill. I decided to check what went wrong. I noted my meter reading and found that the number of units on the meter are far less than the ones printed on the bill. Apparently, the meter reading staff didn’t care to visit my locality and sent me the bill while using their sixth sense.
The Islamabad Electric Supply Corporation (IESCO) - Wapda’s distribution company for Islamabad region – has charged me with the following tariff.

First 100 units are priced Rs 4.540
Next 200 units are priced Rs 6.860
Next 400 units are priced Rs 10.650
Next 170 units are charged Rs 13.290

I had not consumed the last 400 units (worth Rs 4,710) when the IESCO staff allegedly noted my meter reading.
I asked an explanation from Wapda officials and they admitted their staff over-read the meter. They also said that they would adjust the next month’s electricity bill.
Adjusting of this mistake is another interesting episode. I was told that the next month’s bill would not include the exceeding units of this month. It means that highly priced units of this month will replace the low priced units of the next month’s bill. In my case, these 400 units would consume the first 400 units of next month's tariff. What a clever way of looting people.

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