Friday, June 17, 2011

Commonsense, logic and ISI

A BBC Urdu service reporter went to the area where Pakistan’s Chashma Nuclear Power Plant is situated. The reporter was soon shadowed by intelligence agency officials who prevented him from meeting the local people. The local ISI official also gave life threats to the reporter in a very polite manner. Here is the reporter’s very interesting account of the visit.
Chashma Nuclear Power Plant is based on Chinese technology. International nuclear experts have cast serious doubts on the safety of Chusma atomic reactor design which has now become outdated. Pakistan can’t get modern reactors, under international laws and sanctions. Islamabad’s only recourse is Beijing, which has plenty of outdated techonology to sell.
A once met a person working for Kahouta Research Laborataries. He was the victim of Dr. Qadeer Khan’s cronies in office politics and therefore went abroad. He told me that Chinese technology was not good, but was the only available option for power-hungry Pakistan.
On the other hand, Russia, which was once worst-hit by Chernobyl reactor blast, has made it a policy to invite bloggers and photographers from across the country to visit and photography it’s nuclear power plants. You can see one of many Russian nuclear power plants here, here and here. You can also see countless pictures of Russian nuclear power plants here.
What ISI has done with BBC reporter will increase the world’s already present doubts about the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear power plants.
I end this blog, wishing commonsense and logic for our intelligence agencies.

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