Friday, June 10, 2011

After parliament, army has also started befooling people.

Here are some golden excerpts from 139th CorpsCommanders conference held in army’s general headquarters, Rawalpindi.

Some segments are tarnishing the image of army.
These segments are Taliban, Al Qaeda fighters who are creating embarrassing situations for the army. Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden, the boy who was killed by Rangers in Karachi and those killed in Quetta firing.
US aid should be spent for betterment of ordinary people.
How can we spend this aid on ordinary people when we take it under defence titles. By the way, what a prompt and timely decision by our generals. Where was this thinking when the war on terror started.
Army is considering operation in North Waziristan:

What are they waiting for? American order?

Army has said no to US training and weapons.

Next time our C-130s and F16s will be repaired by Pakistani mechanics who repair CD-70s. We will not send our officers for war courses in the US. We will also burn and destroy all weapons of American origin in Pakistan’s arsenal.
There has always been a trend of befooling the people on national issues. This corps commanders conference is doing the same. Why the corps commanders conference is silent on ISI-CIA joint operations. If US aid, weapons and training is so detrimental for Pakistan’s interest, then why our general badshah meets with US delegates of ordinary nature.

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