Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why not to carry gun in Pakistan

All gun buffs frequently encounter a serious over-powering temptation to buy a handgun. The temptation drives its power from online gun forums where people talk a lot about carrying guns for self defence and from English movies.

Temptation fades away before buying expensive ammunition:
Most of the gun buffs end up buying a budget gun in Pakistan, which costs around 45,000. For an average Joe, this amount is often the result of hard savings of several months. The average Joe is penniless but has a gun. His next project is likely to be saving money to buy ammunition, which is quite expensive these days. Finally, he gets his hands on some boxes of ammunition. The real problem starts afterwords. There is no firing range to fire the gun. Firing ranges are a luxury in Pakistan which a select few can afford.
The only purpose the gun will now cater for will be of cabinet queen’s and occasional aerial firing. The owner suddenly realises that the gun is too large to conceal and too heavy to carry it comfortably. At this moment, all the temptations to conceal-carry the gun have gone.

Qualification for carrying a gun:
Carrying a gun on someone’s person is not an easy task as it appears. Years of experience of firearm handling, regular shooting at range, dry firing, drawing the gun from holster, practicing various combat training exercises are some of the qualifications for carrying the gun concealed on your person. With the sky-rocketing ammunition prices and shooting ranges with a price tag of elite social clubs disqualify the average Joe in Pakistan from carrying the gun. I am a lawyer who deals in criminal cases. I have yet to encounter a person who actually thwarted a life-threatening situation by using his firarm.
I have seen empty handed people getting murdered and I have also seen people with security guards getting murdered. Who ever strikes first wins. Senior police officials with well trained body guards have been murdered in Pakistan. The recent war on terror has seen senior army officials getting killed. If police and army personnel can’t use their years of experience of firearm, then how can you do. I know it’s discouaraging but its truth.

Do you seriously require gun:
For an average person, the main purpose of conceal carrying the gun is to deal with street mugging. Street crimes can best be avoided by adopting some simple precautions.
If you have life threats, try tackling them with other means. Your enemy is well aware of your security measures and would come well prepared to breach them. He is likely to catch you in surprise. Your’s enemy’s one second early strike will kill you.

Why people have heavy contingents of guards:
The gun totting guards, sitting behind mini trucks are more of decoration pieces than body guards. You are less likely to have heard of any incident in which such a guard saved the life of his master. Having a security guard, besides you is just a pomp and show. What other way does a wanna-be prominant person has in Pakistan, than surrounding himself with gun-totting bodyguards.

Legalities involved in self defence cases:
The law expects you to use a reasonable force in your self defence. You can’t get away with by killing a person who tried to attack or attacked you with fists and blows. You can’t get away with by killing a person who just showed you his gun, but didn’t fire it. You can’t get away with by killing a person who (God forbid) had put a gun on your child’s head and is planning to abduct him.
In all cases you have to face a trial while you are sulking in jail. An uncle of mine killed two persons in his house at night. The court was convinced that the two were people of bad character with history of robbing and they were also trying to robb the house of my uncle. The court still awarded life sentence to my uncle as he used more force than was reasonably required to expel the robbers out of his house.


  1. you are convincing the people for shotguns???
    BTW good logical and true writing.

  2. Very true indeed.

  3. Need American law here. If robber inside the house can be shot in self defense. Everyone should have a gun and see how quickly peace comes. This is a promise.

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