Friday, March 4, 2011

Tracing one missing person

There  is a certain area in my city which was a feeding ground for Jihad in Kashmir. We saw many funeral-in-absentia of youths of that area in early 1990's. Every house of every village of that area has someone killed in the bloody insurgency in the Indian-occupied  Kashmir. The wall chalking and graffiti suggested that the area was downtown Srinagar.
Our law firm was approached by a former client. According to him, the police was harassing his brother as the client's nephew was wanted by the police.
The nephew in question took active part in Kashmir insurgency. He returned after five years and remained with his family for a year. One day he left for Raiwind, telling his young wife and three children that he will return after a fortnight. He didn't return or telephoned his family. His wife is still awaiting him. His children have grown up and have no idea about their father.
The police has been directed by some intelligence agency to find the missing nephew. Apparently, the not-so-intelligence agencies have realised that  they should compile the record/whereabouts of all  those who fought in Kashmir or Afghanistan. A good move, but too late.
Now the police raids the house of missing person's family after every two week, and illegally detains a couple of family members who are later released after police takes bribe.
Our former client wanted us to seek a direction for police wherein it don't harass the family.

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