Friday, March 18, 2011

Surviving an interview

There was a boom in call center industry in Pakistan a couple of years ago. I also tried my luck, dropping my resume at various call centers. I was called and selected a couple of times, but the job was too demanding for a person like me. As a result, I didn't last more than one day in any call center I was hired for. I changed three call centers in two days.
I got a telephone call from an HR manager of a leading call center. At that time I was having my dream job in the newspaper. The HR manager insisted on a telephonic interview. All went well, until he asked the expected salary. I wanted to act funny and told him anything between Rs 25,586 to 30,743. The HR manager asked me to repeat what I said. I had forgotten the amount and dropped the call instead.
I have just discovered a website about bad job interviews. Mine was not bad, but yours might have been.  

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