Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lawyers have worst job

Being a lawyer is the worst job in the world. You have an 8-hour working day in the court where you have to convince and explain laws to all sorts of people from sluggish judges to illiterate clients. Your day does not end there. You also have an evening office where you have to sit for late hours mostly for 5 to 6 hours to write new cases and prepare the cases fixed for the next day.
A lawyer’s life is as black and white as his dress is. I have never seen a lawyer hanging out with his friends. I have never seen a lawyer attending the parent teacher meeting at his/her children’s school. A lawyer has no hobby. He gets bald, develops a beer belly, looses his sense of humour, wears dull colours, wears thick glasses with no suitability to his face.
The only person a lawyer interacts the most is with his paralegal clerk. A lawyer knows his paralegal more than he knows his wife or children.
Day dreaming and a good night’s sleep has no existence in a lawyer’s life. All the free time of lawyer during the day is consumed by thinking about the cases and just cases. And the night has only legal and dry dreams, forget about wet dreams.
There is no moment in a lawyer’s life which he can call his own. You think about the cases while rubbing soap over the body, you are busy thinking about a legal strategy when you are dinning with a nice lady in some restaurant.
And after talking to a lot of girls, I have known that they dont like dating lawyers as they are ‘loosers’ and ‘boring’. 


  1. Nice and funny too

  2. so u r bored with your job. u will get over it or get used too of this routine.

  3. What a bore article is this. ;)