Monday, March 28, 2011

Book review: The Shade of Swords

Death to America!
An average Muslim is poor, hungry and deprived of basic amenities. An average Muslim ruler is rich, corrupt and a tyrant.
An average Muslim dreams of having in paradise what the ruler gets in the world i.e: honey, water melons, grapes and beautiful virgins.
The present day Jihad, according to an average Muslim, is the mean of getting all these as Allah has promised paradise to all those who would fight for His cause.
There appears no other way for Muslims to change their fate except waging a Jihad against the nations far more superior to Muslims.
Indian journalist Mubashir Javed Akbar has discussed the idea of Jihad in the contemporary world in his book The Shade of Swords (Roli Books 2002). MJ starts with the advent of Islam and touches the landmarks in Islamic history before culminating the debate on Osama Bin Laden and Taliban.
The writer has noticed a tendency in Muslim mobs of getting inspiration from Salauddin Ayubi. An ordinary Muslim firmly believes that he can change the world’s map by Jihad. The modern day Jihad stems from the crusades.
The reader will find the conspiracies, internal rifts and power tussels responsible for the rise and fall of Muslim world in the book.
MJ says that America has been successful in toppling Jihadis but not in a decisive way as the dream of Jihad is perpetual. He says that organisations such as Taliban and Al Qaeda can surive without a country or government as they do their recruitment in minds. This strategy does not requite any training academies, cruise missiles or stingers.
The cause of bitter wars between Christians and Muslims has also been unearthed. Lack of sensitivity and respect towards eachothers religious figures fuelled war after war between Christians and Muslims. MJ is famous for his simple candid way of writing on complex issues and this book is no exception. This book is recommended to all those who want to have a crash course in Jihad and conflict between Islam and Christianity.
MJ has also written in detial about the major political changes in the Muslim world fuelled directly on indirectly by Jihadi mindset. This book is a must read to understand the evolution of modern Islamic world.
PS: Anyone, who wants to understand the conflict between Islam and Christianity and, is sick of Karen Armstrong, must read this book.

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