Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ashamed to approach court

Victim: A 17-year-old girl whose mother is dead and father is a lunatic. She is the elder most sibling of 6 sisters. She was abducted from her house and gangraped by four people for many days.
An orgy awaited her in every house she was kept in. Her captors sought sexual favours not only for their friends but also for their servants. She had no option except to comply.
My client: I was approached by the girl’s uncle to represent the girl in the court. I only charged them a token fee, considering the extreme poverty and pitiable background of the girl.
The uncle, who is a primary school teacher, visited me in my office. He was very nervous. After exchanging social pleasanteries, he nervously asked. Is going to the court considered to be a shamless act?
There is no more shame left for your family, I replied.
Apparently, someone has told him that rape victims are asked very nasty and vulgur questions in the courts. Which, ironically, is true to some extent.

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  1. Well its great that her uncle stepped forward for her. If a child is molested people usually ask them to keep quiet,ignore or forget.