Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who to blame for all bad things in your life.

Okay! I'm corrupt, but not that corrupt.
I have recently met a friend, Ibrahim, after a gap of around two years. When we last met, he was completing his telecommunication bachelors degree. He got a job in a telecom sub-company which erects towers for various mobile companies. To my question about how is work going, he said it's bit slow these days as there are no more orders for tower erection. He then blamed President Asif Ali Zardari for lack of orders and also told me that Nokia was about to make a factory in Gawadar, but opted for India as President Zardari had asked the telecom giant to give him a commission of 21 percent.
This is one of the countless corruption stories being circulated by everyone who is having a hard times.

PS: The vegetable vendor near my house also blames President Zardari for the potato price hike and the printing of a cancer patient's picture over cigarette packs.

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