Monday, November 1, 2010

Quitting handguns

I have said goodbye to handguns during a get-together with friends at the Islamabad Gun Club. My romance with the handguns has been really short. Handguns are dangerous. There are so many moving parts in a small area, which move with a lightening speed. The handgun jumps too much in my hands. The sound of its blast is annoying. Shotgun’s sound on the other hand is soft and soothing. One can do so many things with his shotgun but only a few with the handgun.
I was checking some friends’ handguns at Islamabad. They were is so many shapes and sizes. Had it been shapes and size alone, I would not have quit. Each one of them had differnt controls located at an entirely different position. I can’t remember all the controls and their functions so I quit handguns.
From now onwards, my only gun business will be shotguns and shotguns.


  1. May b bad for one reason, but they are the right weapon for self fence as they can be easily concealed. One can't move with a shotgun like 80s Punjabi film heroes.

  2. You are right. We can't ignore the self defense potential these handguns have.