Thursday, April 8, 2010

Here go computer science books

History Baggage
I have recently got ridden of a pile of computer science books. They were the part of my post-engineering history baggage and had occupied a large space in my study. They always reminded me of something I did not want to remember. Therefore, I put them in my car trunk and gifted to a couple of students who were studying in a library (Akram Shaheeh Park Library).
I remained in NUCES (National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences) for two years. I had taken admission in 2002 and was scheduled to complete my degree in 2006, but I quit in 2004. Science started giving me burnouts and I opted social sciences. I did not have any temperament for studying computer science. I had let myself sway with the computer science craze that was facing the nation back then. The craze was so overpowering that I even ignored a golden advice by a bureaucrat relative. He had said that I should do something else instead of wasting four years and money in computer science.

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