Monday, November 23, 2009

Tragedy at its worst!

There is a Mirza family in Jhelum. They have houses near the main bus stop in the cantonment. The family has remained in politics for some years. The incidents I am going to narrate happened with one of the brothers.

He had five sons and all of them got commissioned in the armed forces at a time when getting commission in the army was considered the best option.

Where ever the lucky parents of five officers would go, people would congratulate them by saying, “All your sons will became generals one day.”

The mother, who believed in omens, asked her husband to withdraw one of their sons from the army because, according to her, too much praise might invoke some thing bad.

The father was reluctant at first, but gave up later following her persistence, and withdrew one son from the army.

The tragedy, which the mother had foreseen, haunted the family later. One of their sons was martyred in the Kargil, the second was martyred in a helicopter crash during the October 2005 earthquake and the third one (Colonel Asif Mirza Baig) was martyred when terrorists attacked the office of an intelligence agency adjacent to Lahore Police Rescue 15 centre.


  1. how tragic...n more tragic is the fact that WE TAKE SOLDIERS & THEIR SACRIFICES FOR GRANTED forgetting about their families left to tears n fend for themselves. Army has valor n Chivalry but army men too are humans with all emotions...

  2. Yes I know the family very well because my father was posted in Jhelum for two years. During that time my sister became friends with the only daughter of Mirza family, this friendship seeped in to our family and we all came to know each other very well. All the sons who embraced martyrdom were very fine souls, two of them were my seniors, May Allah bless them.

  3. now m also included in da list ov tragediez.may god bless them.thanx hamid bhai