Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mustached aunty!

Going out with 6-year-old twin brothers always becomes embarrassing. The recent embarrassment came in a shopping mall. The twins had blocked the way with their shopping carts. A lady pushing her cart was awaiting the way to be cleared. I told the twins to do so. The lady passed them, giving a smile to twins who were curiously watching her face.

The lady had passed by me and I was looking at twins to check what had made them curious, when suddenly Moid yelled at me, “Look! that aunty has a mustache.”

I was more embarrassed than the lady in question, who had heard the comment and was trying hard to look normal. I walked towards twins and told them not to tell such details aloud in public places.

Now was Mateen’s turn to surprise me. He, at an equally loud note, told Moid, “When you see a ‘moonchon wali aunty’ (mustached aunty), discuss her in whispers.”

The second comment was heard by the lady in question, who ran away from the twins, as well as six other girls who were giggling.

The twins got a serious lecture from me in the car on our way back towards home.