Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Attending attempt-to-rape case proceedings.

I was sitting idle in the court of an additional session judge, observing people in the court room. Two other lawyers were arguing their case before the judge. The case was of attempt to rape a girl.

The mother of a girl, who was also present in the court, had lodged an FIR against the son of her husband's elder brother that he entered in their house and tried to rape her daugter.

The defence counsel started reading aloud the FIR in the court. The mother had stated in the FIR that when she entered her house. The accused (girl's first cousin) had laid her on a cot and was "massaging her bosom" before removing her trouser. The mother had also alleged in the FIR that the accused gave her daughter his cell phone number before taking her to the cot.

It was my first experiance to hear such a case in the court and therefore I was little shocked to know how openly such cases are registered and tried in our society which claims to be a closed society.

Meanwhile, I spotted the girl. I had seen her before as she was giving looks to handsome people in the court. She was a very young girl and had not started to bud but facial expressions were mature.

When the defence counsel was reading the FIR, her eyes had a smiling spark which can be seen in the eyes of a child who has done some mischief and is trying to hide it.

The prosecution lawyer spoke well but her mother out did him. She addressed the judge very boldly and narrated the whole incident, thumping the dice several times.

It was later revealed that the parties had a dispute over a plot and the whole case was fabricated to blackmail the party possessing the plot.

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  1. this picturesque sensual language is the biggest reason that many families avoid to proceed such defilement cases...2ndly all over Pakistan people have been exploiting women either to avenge or to get their certain vested personal & economical ends...soooooo sad.