Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Books that make us cry!

Be it an unfulfilled romance or a broken friendship, all of us cry over some touching moments immortalised in books. Divya Arya of HindustanTimes takes you through some such tearjerkers/bestsellers...
P.S. I Love You
Written by the Irish writer, Cecelia Ahern, this bestseller tells the story of Holly Kennedy whose husband dies suddenly. How her husband plans beforehand and leaves Holly a series of ten letters makes one teary—in this journey of romance and rediscovery.
P.S.: We love this book!

The Kite Runner
Set in the broken and war-struck Afghanistan, this novel by Khaled Hosseini tells the tale of the bereaved friendship of Amir and Hassan. The passage to redemption of a friend, for a friend, leaves one with a lump in the throat.
Verdict: Most memorable

Love Story
The book which gave us the legendary, ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry’; tells the tear jerking love story of Oliver and Jenny wherein Jenny dies towards the end. There would not be a single person who would not have shed tears leafing through this all time favourite romantic bestseller.
Verdict: A romantic classic

To Kill A Mockingbird
This modern classic written by Harper Lee, evokes tears because of the racial injustice and loss of innocence depicted in it. The dilemmas of a white lawyer fighting for a black convict make one weep over the contrast between the ways of the nature and the ways of the world.
Verdict: Cult book and second most read book after the Bible!

A Walk To Remember
Written by Nicholas Sparks, this book portrays the touching love story of a prankster, Landon, and a bookish Jamie, and how her love makes a responsible man out of an aimless adolescent. As Jamie dies of leukemia in the end, the readers’ hearts go out for Landon. This book has also been filmed, starring pop singer Mandy Moore.
Verdict: 'Sparks' your soul!

Chicken Soup For The Soul
The famous series compiled by Jack Canfield and MV Hansen, contains real-life inspirational stories. Peoples' will to fight and survive the odds of life makes one weep in regard and appreciation.
Verdict: 'Souled'-out!

My Sister’s Keeper
This bestseller by Jody Picoult is a heartbreaking story of how a family copes with a fatal circumstance. A tale of two sisters, Kate and Anna, this book touches your heart because of the complex portrayal of human feelings. This book has also been adapted in the recently released movie by the same name, starring Cameron Diaz.
Verdict: Heartbreaker!

The Notebook
Another heart wrenching story by Nicholas Sparks, this narrative leaves the reader with a heavy heart, as two young lovers Allie and Noah are re-united for a brief period in old age. This book makes one believe in the miracle called love and as Noah says, ‘I think our love can do anything we want it to’, every reader cries in the beautiful moment.
Verdict: Love lasts forever!


  1. Farewell to arms can also be included in this list. Very nice novel which can make some people cry.

    its a link for Indian author Sarojini Sahoo who writes openly opposite to the current
    discussing taboos...she has a blog , " Sense & Sensuality" ...must b of ur interes :)

  3. classic "Mill On The Floss " by George Elliot is also good to read

    link is of an Indian writer who writes openly, against the current, on taboos...
    she has a blog named " Sense & Sensuality “….. must b of ur interest...
    will wait your reply n comment about it