Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have attained media nirvana

Husnain is getting problems in finding a publisher for his first novel.
Mohsin and Zohaib are angry on their magazine publisher who used their idea of the magazine and didn't pay them even a penny.

I claimed before them to have attained the media nirvana wherein I will not sell my ideas for free, won't ever work as employee in the media, won't read newspapers except DailyMail and won't watch any opinionated programme on television except 9XM.

Recently, a very senior person (Altaf) in our office quit and started a homeopathic clinic. He stated the reason for quitting his 20 years old profession as against his conscience, not serving Islam and a toy in the hands of Westerners (infidels).

I have learnt the similar lesson with a little different reasons in two years.

Reasons are:
1) Reporters have week observation, not to talk about their pathetic writing.

2) Media tycoons have vested interests, with little attention to pacifying people.

3) Visible sensationalism. I don't have any issue with sensationalism if its done cleverly.

4) Mixing facts with opinion, giving little margin to readers to differentiate between the two.

5) Reporting factually wrong stories to malign a politician, which can be corrected by reading any public document.

6) Tampering with statements, especially in newspapers.

If our premier says that France is justified in banning burqa as they don't allow ANY religious symbols, the newspaper will frontpage the following headline.

PM says, French ban on burqa right.

Then there will be severe criticism by clergy. Channels will run the news all day long. Next day the premier's office will issue clarification which will be published in a single column on the backpage, which the people will be less likely to read or believe.

7) The Pakistani media has nothing to report except rhetoric and counter rhetoric. The two have no value as politicians here change their words like a snake changes its skin.

8) Interviews are not conducted to get good quotes, but to give the interviewee some tough time.

9) Very few people come in this field by choice, most of them have landed in it, exercising their else option.

10) A cleric-turned-politician was told that the presswallas were not writing in his favour. He laughed it off, saying he doesn't take reporters serious as what they write one day is used to sell Pakoras the other day.

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