Monday, April 15, 2013

Jaw dropping deep necks that will haunt me forever

Three women with deep-neck dresses will always remain in my memory.

Scene 1: I was defending a person, charged with raping a minor girl. The doctor, who had determined the age of the victim, was giving her evidence in the court. I was a junior counsel then. My senior directed me to cross examine the lady. While, I was asking questions to the dentist, I noticed that the court room has started to swell with people. The judge and I noted this fact, but were unable to understand the reason. I was getting the answers to my questions. It soon occurred to me that the audience may be gathering in the court to listen to my amazing cross examination of the dentist. The joy was short lived. The doctor turned away from me to answer a question put forward by the complainant counsel. She was wearing an exceptionally deep neck. Half of her back was visible. Although she was a pale skinned lady, but the sight was spectacular for the lawyers sitting on back benches.

Scene 2: A lady reporter was covering election appeals in the court. She was also wearing a deep neck, not as deep as the doctor’s, but the skin complexion was the kind of we Pakistan die for while searching for potential wives. Many leading lawyers, who refused to bow before the judges, were bowing again and again whenever she would pass by. Oh, I forgot to mention she was below average height.

Scene 3: Censored.


  1. hahaha

    but you forgot the shalwar kameez and sandal wearing runners! theyre either holding their kurtas in a bunch or pulling up their shalwars.

  2. Great share :-) Would love to hear about the censored one though. Lol