Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ten reasons Dell Latitude is better than Dell Inspiron.

1. You can close the LCD of latitude laptop with pretty much anything such as your extended leg or a pillow.

2. You can forget your latitude in the lawn for a night, letting it drench with dew and still find it in perfect working condition the next day.

3. Your child of every age can play with it. There is no part in latitude which is not an after-market part.

4. Nothing will happen to your latitude if your hot BBW friend accidently sits on it.

5. You can use your latitude without putting the protective plastic sheet on its keyboard.

6. A latitude laptop can survive without a special carry bag. You can even put your latitude in a plastic shopping bag.

7. Latitude is upgradeable.

8. Latitude does not have annoying lights that keep on flickering in a darkroom.

9. Latitude is rugged and robust, which often makes you feel that it’s Russian design.

10. Latitude can be used ANYWHERE without any fear of being scratched.

I have two Dell Latitudes in my family and two Dell Inspirons. I still prefer using my Latitude D620 (1.7 duo core) than Inspiron (core i5). Latitude is a marvelous machine that will last for years. Inspiron, on the other hand, is more towards aesthetics and less towards durability.

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