Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Who is a young doctor

I got a tremendous response on my earlier blog post about young doctors. I also received many emails and comments on my blog and facebook. Many readers confuse young doctors with famous doctors who charge too much or who have long lines of patients awaiting appointments.

Following are not young doctors:
  1. A young doctor is not an oncologist (cancer specialist) from whom you have been trying for two weeks to get an appointment for your friend’s grandfather suffering from cancer.
  2. A young doctor is also not the doctor who is working in an expensive private hospital and whose attendant is a little rude and is not going to give you appointment for your mother before two weeks.
  3. A young doctor is also not the doctor who you visited once during your student days in Lahore, who charged you Rs 1,000 despite you telling him that you are a student and living outstation.
  4. A young doctor is also not the one who has a waiting line of more than 100 people at his private clinic.
Then who is a young doctor?
  1. A young doctor is an ordinary doctor who is not famous. You can’t recall the names of two young doctors of your city.
  2. A young doctor is a doctor whose name you don’t remember and don’t even bother to ask even after he saves the live of your sister who took a drug overdose after you refused to marry her with the boy of her choice.
  3. A young doctor is a doctor, who, despite knowing the reasons for your sister’s suicide attempt, does not probe you for the circumstances. He does not even inform police about the suicide attempt, which he is bound under the law to inform the law enforcement agency.
  4. A young doctor is a doctor whom you visit in the evening after your younger brother breaks his arm while cycling. The nearby private hospital refuses to treat the young boy and asks you to take it to a government hospital.
  5. A young doctor is a doctor who treats your girlfriend after she cuts her wrists because you are not willing to marry her despite sleeping with her on so many occasions. The young doctor does not even ask that why did she cut her wrists or what is your relation with the girl. A young doctor buys your introduction that you are the girl’s cousin.
  6. A young doctor is a doctor who pools money with his colleagues to buy medicines for a patient who is without any attendant in the hospital.
  7. A young doctor is a doctor whom you visit at 3am after your mother’s blood pressure shoots up. You take your mother to the neighbouring private hospital but don’t find any doctor there. You rush to a government hospital and found a young doctor there.

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