Friday, July 27, 2012

Losing a beautiful would-be friend

Abbas was a regular visitor to Jhelum courts. The regular visitor in any court complex becomes a familiar creature to hundreds of lawyers, their clerks and court staff. Some regular litigants have one time or another have had engaged almost all famous lawyers.
Abbas was a tall person with a fair complexion. He would die his hair in four different shades. He would die his temples white, side burns started from light brown and ended in dark brown, with grayish brown hair on top of his head. His dress also carried his colourful personality. He would wear coloured kurtas with a different colour collar. I never saw his shoes less shining than any of the well dressed lawyer in the complex.
I had seen him sitting on many occasions in my friend’s office. While talking to my friend one day, I appreciated his well dressed client. My friend told this fact to Abbas and he was quick to return the compliment, inviting me and my father to his place.
Abbas married multiple times, every time with a beautiful tall voluptuous girl. Sadly, all his marriages failed.
Abbas was a plumber in the UK. He had brought three things from there – one white Mercedes, one scooter and one big cabinet for his clothes. He was a meticulous person who gave minute attention to even ordinary tasks of life.
Another friend of mine, who runs a side business of selling used cars, wanted to buy Abbas’s Mercedez. The deal was not finalising as my car dealer friend was reluctant to buy the well maintained car because of fear of non-availability of many common parts of the car. At this, Abbas smiled briefly and took my friend to his garage which was stacked with all the spares a person can think of buying in his or the car’s life time. Abbas had neatly placed spares - including front and rear bumpers, lights, car generator and many other engine parts on steel shelves. He had brought all these parts from England. His car could run for another twenty years on these parts.
I met my lawyer friend today and asked him that his handsome client. My friend broke this sad news that Abbas had died some days ago in the UK. The news was shocking to me as I had always seen him happy and healthy. My friend told me that many of his internal organs had stopped working and he was running on transplants. I lost a beautiful would-be friend.

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  1. At the moment, I am very sad after reading it.
    I knew him since my childhood because his son Qamar Abbas and me were studying same school, Qamar also a smart guy.Mr Abass native village"BARALLA" also near to my village.I also saw him many time in court premises but unluckily I could not met him.
    Almighty Allah give him place in "janat ul firdous"