Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ten things you didn’t know about Pakistan’s nuke

1. Pakistan’s atom bomb is a Muslim. The bomb is confused about which sect to adopt. Previously, it has adopted and dropped two sects. Now a days it is struggling to become a moderate Muslim bomb.

2. The bomb is the guardian of Islam in Pakistan. Islam would have been in a great danger, had there been no bomb.

3. It wears white shalwar kameez drenched with a lot of ittar.

4. It is a renowned pedophile and it always wears glasses with wide black-tinted lens.

5. It claims it can solve all problems facing Pakistan by reciting some verses.

6. The bomb expects all the Pakistani women to wear jihab and remain pregnant throughout their lives and therefore serve the bomb and Islam.The bomb can pour acid on the face of his ex-wife or ex-girl friend. This is the bomb's way of being possessive.

7. Army is the biggest fan of the bomb.

8. The bomb can liberate all the Muslims of the world. It vows to help all those Muslims oppressed everywhere in the world by getting Pakistani youth slaughtered there.

9. The bomb has been circumcised.

10. The bomb moves in a shinny SUV and no one knows about its source of income or expenses.