Friday, May 13, 2011

Generation gap in future

I always listen attentively whenever my dad tells us about his poor past. My dad’s life is a stark contrast to mine. I have all the comforts in the world. My dad was the son of a peasant with very meagre resources. My dad’s life is full with struggle against fate, poverty and irony. I admire him for winning in this struggle. It’s always touching to hear how he used to study in cow shed as there was no studyroom in the house. He would study in the light of an oil lamp. In the morning, his books and clothes would smell of cow dung and his nostrils would fill with lamp’s soot.
I was thinking that how much contrast our lives would have with that of our children. Probably a very little. We have computers and they will also have them. All the basic amenities would remain the same. There would be nothing emotional or motivational to tell them about their parent’s past. May be they will get motivated after learning about the poor dialup internet connection their parents used.

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