Monday, April 4, 2011

How police obtain confessions

I came across a confessional statement of a murder accused while sorting out old cases. The accused person was a retired soldier. He had confessed before a magistrate that he had killed the deceased. He knew that he was innocent. We knew that he had not killed the deceased. The confession which was done before the court is hard to retract from.
We asked the fellow that why he confessed before the court when he had not killed the deceased. He narrated a very shocking story.
The police took him outside the police station at night. The policemen in the van had one large sack (blood-stained), some pieces of rope of various lengths (also blood stained), one butcher's knife (rusted and blood stained). En route from police station to riverside, the three policemen sitting with him were continuously talking about how they hacked to death people in previous cases.
They took the accused to a deserted riverside. He was taken behind some bushes. They tied his arms and legs with the ropes. All this was being done by police without saying even a single word to him. Finally they covered his head with a mask. One policeman located the accused's jugular vein, clutched it with his fingers. He placed the butcher's knife on the jugular vein. The accused broke down into violent shivering, choking and stammering. He begged to be forgiven for whatever price the police demanded.
The police wanted his confession, which the accused gave in the court the next morning.

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