Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ten unreported habits of Shahbaz Sharif

Chautay Mian subhanallah!
I visited Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s office in the Model Town, Lahore. I was part of a delegation headed by my father. Being the junior-most delegate, I had nothing much to do except observe things. Here is what is observed.

1. Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif keeps the record of favours he gives to his party’s elected representatives. Every transfer or posting of government employees done on the recommendation of an elected representative is kept in the record of that particular elected representative. The CM maintains files of each MPA or MNA, which contain all the favours given to them.
2. The chief minister keeps two cell phones - a blackberry and one ordinary cellphone - like many of us keep.

3. The television set in CM’s private office is kept switched off. It is used only when the chief minister’s media advisors (a team of government officials and pro-PML-N journalist headed by Senator Pervaiz Rashid) give a cue to the office of the chief minister to watch certain channel at a certain time.

4. A multimedia projector is always present at all the places that the chief minister frequently uses for official purposes.

5. Shahbaz Sharif hates Babar Awan, parliamentary affair minister of the Pakistan People’s Party, and loves those who hate Babar Awan.

5. He can read and write SMS on his cell phone. Most of his contemporaries can’t do that.

6. A certain person acts as liason between the Punjab bureaucracy and the chief minister. He also handles the affairs of the bureaucracy.

7. None of PML-N’s member of parliament is happy with Punjab beauracracy and even the CM is helpless with the procedural red tape.

8. Chief minister’s desk had no file on it, which only suggested two things – either the chief minister finishes his work really fast or he doesn’t do any.

9. Chief minister recieves telephone calls on his landline during meeting with delegations in his private office. He tries not to name the caller to keep him anonymous from the visiting delegation.

9. All the waiters in CM’s house appear to be from Lahore's reserved police force.

10. The CM has a hot woman employee who dyes her hair red.


  1.,keen,rampage observer is on the go :)
    well done !

  2. Your post is titled '10 habits', but you have written 12 (I couldn't stop the subeditor in me :p)

    I loved the last point (the one about the redhead), especially the 'hot' detail :)

  3. Asslam-o-alikum,Allah ap ko saht or tandurusti ata farmaye.ap boht ache leader ha,m ap salam pash krta ho