Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Court quote: 'I gave you pen, you gave me handcuffs'

Two brothers are standing in a courtroom. The elder brother is handcuffed and the younger is standing in the court as a lawyer against his elder brother. The brother, who is a lawyer, is penning down something in the court. The elder brother seeks the court's permission to say something. The permission is granted. The gray-haired man starts with a nervous voice.
He tells the court that he had saved money to educate his younger brother so that he could become a lawyer. "I cut the education budget of my children to help educate my younger brother. I gave him the pen and he gave me the handcuffs."
PS: The elder brother was sent to the jail on some fake charges by the younger brother, following a family dispute. My father bailed him out of the jail. The above-mentioned quotes were uttered during the bail proceedings.

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  1. well observed quote, worthy to be preserved here...another statement i like is
    " i gave u my heart & this infidelity of urs have made me hearttless."