Friday, June 19, 2015

Kids are more alert than CCTV cameras

Be careful where you go, young man,
Be careful what you do.
Two little eyes are watching you now –
Two little feet will be following you.

According to an excerpt from Reader’s Digest June 2015 issue, a nun handed this printed poem to a first-time father. Children are copycats. One has to be very careful when they are around. A friend was going in his car with his two-and-a-half-years old son. A wrong overtook by a trucker angered my friend into cursing the trucker as kuti ka bucha (the son of a bitch). His son not only heard the curse but also related it with a truck. Whenever, he spots a truck on the road, he says kuti ka bucha ja ra hai (the son of a bitch is going).
Another friend with a 3-year-old daughter had an embarrassing situation. He said something sexually explicit to his wife when they were copulating at night. They were oblivious that their daughter was awoke. The little girl repeated the graphic sentence to the rest of the family in the morning, much to the embarrassment of the couple.

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  1. LOL, LOL, LOL! "Kutti ka bacha! :-)"
    BTW what was that explicit thing the child heard and said?