Thursday, June 5, 2014

Prostitute rides a ride

I never knew that someone may hire a prostitute in Pakistan to help him and his friends gain access to a joy ride park, exclusively reserved for families. They not only used her to enter the family park, but also forced her to take a ride guaranteed to induce vertigo and force vomiting.
This Monday, I went to Jungle Kingdom situated inside the Ayub Park, Rawalpindi. Out of many families present there, my eyes were quick to pick this specific group comprising of one lady and three men. The men had get up of laborers. They made her sit on the ride, held her hands and started raising their arms as if they were holding a trophy in the air.
When the ride - the scariest in the park - started I lost track of the lady. When it stopped, I again got the lady in my focus. She was vomiting, holding her head with both her hands and walking in a very disturbing gait as if she was heavily drunk. The idiots where laughing around her. I know about cases where prostitutes were killed by their clients. I am also familiar with the sexual fantasies of Pakistani men and the excuses these ladies make to evade doing a particular ‘job’. What I didn’t know before that the poor prostitute can also be hired for this sort of ‘job’.
Isn’t the life of a prostitute so hard?

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